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At first, I want to thank you for visiting my blog this blog is about Mayweather vs Mcgregor upcoming fight whichmay be happen in Las Vegas ,Nevada, USA. My name is Jon Lin . I am blogging about sports for more than 10 years already and I am very thankful to all my subscribers for always keeping me busy updating you the latest news about boxing, UFC,basketball and all other sports . My goal here is to give you updates on the sports happenings especially if it is a big fight or shall we say, fights that will be broadcasted via pay per view. I am not connected to any of the networks and I am promoting them both, Showtime or HBO. I am not asking from them in return, I just want to promote the current events which will be broadcasted in their network. Yes! I am doing this for free.

So, mayweathervsmcgregor.org/ is intended for all the updates of the upcoming fight between Mayweather vs Mcgregor  and Mayweather the king in boxing who won 49 match never lose any match and Conor Mcgregor who is very much famous in UFC .

You can also buy tickets from this blog and we are also happy to give you discounts and promo codes if there is one available. Tickets for this fight is expected to be selling like hot cakes, better to get it as soon as you can and do not miss this fight, this will be one of the biggest fight this year if happen .

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